What Does ACI Offer?

Since 1996, ACI has offered a flexible set of skills that adapt to any situation to ensure a successful project. We mold our organization to complement our client's operations, management and organization; working within that framework to achieve overall project success and symbiosis. Our range of support includes augmented staffing placement up to complete turnkey project support.


Team work

ACI Believes in establishing a cohesive team is critical to project success. As a team member we listen, communicate, provide solutions and we understand our client's operation and organization. Creating dynamic teams with our clients ensures a winning and successful project.


The ACI staff has the talent to take your project from inception to implementation. Our staff is comprised of a network of employees, industry professional and associates. With this broad array of assets we maintain a superior level of industry experience and problem solving knowledge in a variety of fields and disciplines. Focused on engineering and project management services especially for government, utilities and private corporations, we have the skills and the experience to get your project done.


ACI considers our client’s problems to be our concerns. Our focus is to provide our client’s with solutions, which are timely, efficient, and cost effective. ACI is committed to maintain a highly qualified professional staff to provide those solutions.


ACI is dedicated to excellence. Our philosophy of doing things right the first time, every time, ensure both high quality and cost effectiveness.


ACI believes the keys to success are knowledge and performance. In order for ACI to be successful, our clients must succeed. ACI is committed to providing the excellence necessary to ensure success.

What We've Achieved